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                Company Profile
                Wuxi Baoli Fertilizer Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, southeast China, which is a very important economic city in Changjiang River Delta, that brings the convenient traffic and other advantages. From the establishment, we have been devoting ourselves to researching, developing, producing and selling complex fertilizers. Our main products are complex fertilizer, high quality nitro-based complex fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, and primary nutrient water soluble fertilizer etc. We own five series of more than 40 formulas, which is welcomed by farmers and distributors all over the country and of foreign countries in Southeast Asia and Middle East etc. The company was established in 2002 with 32,880,000 RMB registered capital. We have over 500 employees now, including 68 technicians. Our annual production capacity is about 1 million tons. Adhere to the principle of “Go Ahead Honestly, Do Fertilizer Finely”, we make balanced granular fertilizer with stable high-quality, helping farmers about both production and income. Because of strict management and high quality, our company is titled as “AAA Credit Company”, “High Quality Well-know Goods of Jiangsu Province”, “National Well-know Trade Mark”, “National Exemption Product” and “Advanced Chemical Company of The Country”. The corporation had passed roundly the authorization system such as the ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, “C Symbol” and other certification . On the base of increasing capital and brand influence of these years, we will devote ourselves to the agriculture development deeply to return the society. Thanks to the help from old friends, meanwhile welcome new friends join us to crate a brilliant future!
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