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                                        Message From The President
                                        Hello, everybody!
                                        Firstly, I appreciate all the friends who help and support us in the name of all the staffs. Thank you very much!
                                        China is a traditional agricultural country. Since ancient times, agriculture is the basement of the economic development. Nowadays, modern agriculture is walking into a new century in the direction of intensity and large scale production.In 21st century, issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers are always the key point of China’s economic construction. The transformation from traditional agriculture into modern agriculture is accelerating, that contributes to the economic development more and more obviously. This is a great opportunity for our agriculture industry.
                                        From the establishment, Baoli is always serving the farmers on the base of agriculture industry. In the development of past more than ten years, we  learned a lot and knew about tree agriculture promotions more deeply. Facing the great opportunity now, we will follow the market, create with colleagues, and do our best to promote the modern agricultural development!
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